Kleenex Balsam Tissues Sample Pack

Last Updated on July 8, 2024

Score a free Kleenex Tissues sample pack while supplies last.

Kleenex is giving away free samples of their amazing Balsam tissues. The Balsam range is very gentle and has a soothing effect on your nose. It’s perfect for the toughest colds while protecting your nose from redness or soreness. Once used, these Kleenex tissues leave a protective ointment on your nose for extra protection.

For a limited time, you can claim a free sample pack of Kleenex Balsam Tissues to try out for yourself.

How to get a free sample pack of Kleenex Tissues?

It’s very simple, to receive your sample pack in the mail, I invite you to follow this link to the offer page at Kleenex.co.uk. Complete the form with the required details and you’re all set up.

Please note that the number of sample packs available per day is limited. So if you missed it today, you can retry tomorrow as early as possible.

This offer is available for a limited time only or while the supplies last.

Open to all residents of the United Kingdom.

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kleenex tissues sample pack balsam

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