Ghost Orb of Night Perfume sample

Last Updated on May 6, 2024

Want to score a free Ghost Perfume sample in the UK?

Be quick to jump on this new sampling offer to get a free Ghost Orb of Night perfume sample straight to your door.

Ghost Fragrances is giving away free samples of the NEW Orb Of Night Opulence Fragrance to select residents of the UK.

Read on to find out is how to score this freebie.

How to grab a free sample of Ghost Orb of Night Opulence Fragrance?

Ghost Fragrances offers this freebie through a sponsored post on TikTok, Facebook and Instagram. This means there is no direct link as of now.

However, you can see and try to fit their targeting criteria to get the post to pop up in your feed.

Here are the steps you can follow :

  • Like and Follow Ghost Fragrances page on TikTok, Facebook or Instagram.
  • Interact with the brand by liking a couple of recent posts, etc…
  • Use the search bar on your favorite social media or the internet to lookup the Ghost Orb of Night Opulence there

Here is a snapshot of the sponsored post you should keep an eye out for.

On Facebook/Instagram:

Ghost Orb of Night Perfume sample ad facebook

On TikTok:

Ghost Orb of Night Perfume sample ad on TikTok

As you can see above, this ad is showing up on Facebook and Instagram to:

  • Residents of the United Kingdom
  • Who are 18 years old and above.

Once you find the ad, hit that ‘Sign Up’ button and complete the form with the required details.

I will keep you posted regarding further updates or a possible direct SoPost link.

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Ghost Orb of Night Perfume sample

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