Free Wildflower Seeds (NEW)

Last Updated on June 6, 2022

Get planting and adding green to your garden, or balcony with these free Wildflower Seeds offers in the UK.

Wildflowers are not only beautiful to see and be around, but they are useful to nature. Wildflowers are an important food source to many species, including bees, butterflies, and other pollinators. Get this freebie shipped by mail and plant it to help Nature and species that are struggling due to environmental problems.

NEW! Free Wildflower Seeds by post from Air Wick UK – AVAILABLE

For a limited time, Air Wick UK is giving away free Wildflower Seed Sachets. Order one and get it by post within the UK. All 100% free.

To order free Wildflower Seeds from AIR Wick, you can follow this link to the freebie page on Scroll down to the signing up for at the bottom of the page. Complete the form with your shipping information and email address.

By ordering this freebie, you will also be automatically added to the AirWick UK Newsletter. You can unsubscribe afterward if you would like. But remember, AirWick offers great freebies and special offers throughout the year to its customers.

This is available for residents of the United Kingdom only.

Valid while the supplies last.

Free Wildflower Seeds from Rowse Honey – SOLD OUT!

Rowse Honey is inviting all UK residents to help them protect and feed the bees with a new freebie campaign. You can sign up on their website following this link here to get a free packet of Wildflower Seeds.

Use the Wildflower seeds to grow up some flowers to help protect and feed the bees.

Available for a short period of time or while supplies last.

free wildflower seeds airwick

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10 thoughts on “Free Wildflower Seeds (NEW)”

  1. Love seeing the 🐝🐝 in my garden on my flowers
    Would love wild flower seeds for them in my garden
    Kind regards

    1. I am currently donating my time for free to produce a garden for a resident on the estate I live on, I have had all materials donated and we have a fairly large area that the lady would like lots of wild flowers to entice the bees and butterflies. I have also built some hedgehog houses 😊

  2. I would love to Receive free Seeds please to help encourage Wildlife and insects. I grow Flowers in my garden already but would love to have more varied varieties to help bring more insects into our garden.
    Many thanks in advance.

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