Free Purina Go-Cat Senior Food

Last Updated on May 30, 2022

Purina launched a new product for Senior cats. So if you have a Cat aged over 7 years old, you can seize the new Purina Cashback offer to get a free Purina Go-Cat Food after refund.

This new Purina Go-Cat Senior is a high-quality pet food formulated for cats over 7 years old. It is made with premium ingredients to support your beloved cat’s vitality and keep their heart healthy over the years. Besides, it tastes great.

How to get a free Purina Go-Cat Senior Cat Food Pack after Cash back?

To try it for free, simply purchase the product in-store, take a photo of your receipt, and complete the cash back request form available at this page here.

You can find all the relates information to this offer at the link above. Make sure you choose the right product so you won’t have any issues with your refund request.

Available for a limited time only or while supplies last.

Residents of the UK only.

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