Free Pot Noodle Fusions

Free Pot Noodle Fusions

Last Updated on October 19, 2022

Do you like Noodles? Now you can claim your coupon for a free Pot Noodle Fusions to redeem at any Morrisons store.

Pot Noodle Noodles are the latest improved product by Unilever and they are available in 3 Asian flavors, including:

  • Chilli Chicken,
  • Thai Green Curry,
  • Katsu Curry.

Noodles are great for a quick weekday dinner or even lunch so what’s not to like? Anyway, here is where to get your voucher for a free Pot Noodle Fusion.

How to get a free pot of Pot Noodle Fusions?

It’s quite simple, to score this freebie while supplies last, first you need to go to this LINK HERE to claim the coupon. Then on your next visit to a Morrisons store, pick up the product and give them the coupon at checkout. It will be free. That’s it.

This offer is available for a limited time or while supplies last.

Open to residents of the UK only and redeemable at Morrisons only.

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