Free Oppo Ice Cream

Last Updated on October 15, 2021

Are you looking for a free tub of ice cream? Morrisons have teamed up with Oppo Brothers to offer free Oppo Ice Cream to UK residents.

This freebie is available with a voucher. Here is everything you need to know about it.

The Oppo Ice Cream is available in three flavours, each as delicious at your local Morrisons store. Get your voucher now and try a tub of our Oppo Ice Cream of your choice. Including:

  • Double Salted Caramel Swirl,
  • Delicious Double Chocolate Brownie
  • Irresistible Cookies & Cream

How to get a free tub of Oppo Brothers Ice Cream with a voucher?

First of all, get your £2 off Oppo Brothers Ice Cream coupon using this link here. Just fill out the form and you will receive the voucher to your phone.

Once you have it, you can use it on your next shopping trip to your local Morrisons store.

This voucher is available for a limited time only or whilst supplies last.

Available to residents of the UK only.

More freebies at Morrisons? Check out this page.

Oppo Brothers ice cream is a delicious frozen dessert loved by many ice cream fans across the United Kingdom. Oppo Brothers creates premium ice cream. They have a rather eclectic range of flavours. Besides, it’s low on calories so it’s basically a guilt free pleasure.

free oppo ice Cream voucher

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