FREE eBUYgumm Face Masks (Adults & Kids)

Let’s protect ourselves and our loved ones by wearing a face mask in public and saving some money on face masks. eBUYgumm has announced through their Facebook page that they will be offering FREE Face Masks (for adults and kids), on a simple request.

Hurry up to seize this opportunity right now while it’s still ongoing, and the stocks are up. Shall you?

How to receive a FREE eBUYgumm Face Mask by mail?

In order to receive FREE eBUYgumm Face Masks by mail, for both kids and adults, we invite you to follow this simple guide detailed below.

Click on the “Get this free sample” icon at the bottom of this article to be redirected to the announcement post on the eBUYgumm Facebook page. Click on the “Send Message” to send them a private message with your valid shipping address and how many masks you need. You have to specify if it’s for adults or if it’s for kids.

After that, click on the link to their website and subscribe to their newsletter if you want to.

That’s all. The last thing is to wait for your free face masks to be shipped to you by regular post. Don’t forget to wear them!!

This freebie is reserved for UK residents.

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