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Got a Boots Advantage card? You can get tons of free Boots Points to shop whatever you need from Boots locations in the UK.

NEW! 200 Free Boots Points

You can get £2 worth of Boots Points (200) with this new surprise. Run to your Boots account (Mobile App or Online). Go to ‘My offers’ and you should find a new offer in there giving you 200 Free Boots Points with no minimum spend. Here is a snapshot of the offer you should be looking for :

200 Free Boots Points via the app

Valid until 27/07/21.

Might not be available for everyone.

How to get free Boots Points by recycling your empties?

The Boots brand is doing a recycling scheme and inviting their customers to adopt recycling as part of their lifestyle. In exchange, you will be rewarded free points to redeem for the products of your choice.

To get your bonus Boots Aadvantage points, we invite you to collect your empty beauty, health, wellness, and/or dental products. Then head over to your local Boots store to recycle them and claim your free points. As simple as that!

The products could be from any brand, purchased from Boots or not. Just bring beauty, wellness, health, or dental products that can’t be recycled at home.

For every five (5) empty products you bring to one of the Boots in-store recycle bins, you will receive 500 bonus Boots Advantage Card points (that’s worth £5).

This promotion is valid at participating Boots stores only. You can check the availability for your local Boots location by clicking here.

You will also track how many empties you bring back and recycle so you can see the positive impact you’re making on the planet. So that’s a win-win situation.

Get free Boots Advantage Points with the Recycling Scheme
Get free Boots Advantage Points with the Recycling Scheme

To take part in this opportunity and score free points, simply register here before you go or at the store to get recycling and collect your free Boots Rewards Points.

This offer is valid for UK residents at participating Boots stores only. If your local Boots isn’t on the list, you’ll find Maybelline Makeup recycling points in 287 more stores.

There’s no limit to the number of products you can recycle or the points you can get. However, you can only process 5 empties or 10, or 15 at a time. (I think! They didn’t state so but that’s what I personally understood). So if you don’t have enough just wait until you gather at least 5 then head over to your local store to get your points and make the planet a cleaner place.

300 Bonus Points (Vodafone VeryMe app)

Get the Vodafone VeryMe app if you haven’t already to claim 300 free Boots Advantage Points. To learn more and get those points, follow this link.

Please allow up to 10 days for the points to reach your account.

Offer available from Wednesday 10 February 2021 until Tuesday 2 March 2021.

The offer is NOT available for customers who have already redeemed the new Advantage Card customer offer through the VeryMe Rewards app between 11th January to 7th February 2021

Free boots advantage points

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