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Last Updated on June 23, 2022

SuperSavvyMe is giving away free Ariel & Lenor samples on a simple request. Do you live in the UK? Be as quick as a flash to snag a sample pack to try.

With the new Fabric Ariel sampling from SuperSavvyMe, you can try the Ultimate Dream team when it comes to laundry gratis. Whilst supplies last, you can claim :

  • Free samples of Ariel All in One Pods for a deep hygienic clean
  • Free samples of Lenor Unstoppables In-wash Scent Booster for irresistible freshness

How to claim free samples of Ariel & Lenor Laundry products?

To get free Ariel and Lenor samples by post, I invite you to go to the offer’s order page at (Just click the highlighted link to go there instantly)

Select the dup sample and log in with your account to fill out the form.

You should find a form if the offer is still ongoing. Pop up your info in the corresponding fields. Once done, hit ‘SUBMIT’, the trick is done. SuperSavvyMe will ship your samples to the address you have provided.

For residents of the United Kingdom only, who are at least 18 years old or above.

The sampling campaign is valid for a limited time or whilst supplies last.

The same offer is running as a sponsored advert on Facebook. But it leads to the link above. If you see it, it’s the same sampling offer.

free ariel lenor samples supersavvyme

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