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Last Updated on December 29, 2022

Another freebie from ELF Cosmetics for all beauty lovers. Now you can claim a free ELF Cosmetics Cleanser sample and discover their improved Pure Skin range.

ELF Cosmetics Pure Skin Cleanser is an amazing product that is the closest thing to a perfect cleanser. The product smells good and cleanser deeply without irritating the skin. What makes this cleanser so great is how gentle it is on the skin, leaving it feeling soft and healthy instead of dry or tight. Plus, this formula works wonders for your skin for those who suffer from acne or breakouts because of its major anti-inflammatory properties and medication-grade ingredients, such as Oat Milk, Niacinamide, and Ceramides. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get a mini ELF Cosmetics Cleanser sample to try out. Here is how.

How to get a free sample of ELF Cosmetics Pure Skin Cleanser?

This freebie from ELF Cosmetics is also available through Facebook and Instagram sponsored posts. Like the Mascara one, you need to complete the steps below and keep an eye out on your social feed to be able to access the form.

  • Like and Follow the ELF Cosmetics page on Facebook and Instagram
  • Like their recent publications, watch videos, reels or stories, etc…
  • Visit the ELF Cosmetics UK website and check out the Pure Skin range
  • Lookup the ELF Pure Skin. Cleanser on the Facebook Search Bar or the Internet

Once done with the instructions above, keep both eyes open when scrolling through your Facebook or Instagram feed. Below is a screenshot of the post.

ELF Cosmetics Cleanser sample Pure Skin ad

This post is showing up to female residents of the United Kingdom, who are aged between 18 years old and 34. To narrow it down further, the brand is targeting those who are interested in Shopping and Beauty.

ELF Pure Skin Cleanser sample ad details

Good luck finding this one. I will keep you posted as usual if I find a direct link to the form.

ELF Cosmetics Cleanser sample pure skin

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