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Last Updated on November 29, 2021

Clarins is adding a new product to its Eye Care range. The NEW Double Serum Eyes product is perfect for all ages, and all skin types. While supplies last, they are offering residents of the UK a free Clarins Double Serum Eyes sample to try before it hit the shelves nationwide on September 2nd.

The Clarins Double Serum Eyes promises to help you get rid of Wrinkles, dark circles, puffiness, and other issues.

Be among the first to test the new Clarins Eye Care serum ample gratis. Simply read below for a chance to get one.

How to receive a free Clarins Eyes Serum samples by post?

NEW! Thru Boots

Boots is giving away free samples of Clarins Serum. Be quick to fill out the form to receive your freebie by post within the UK.

To get one, simply follow this link and complete the form before they run out of supplies.

3-Day Clarins Double Serum Eyes sample in-store with promo code

Clarins UK has a new the Inside The Jar Game you can play on their website. Play the game and put the 13 ingredients that make the Clarins Double Serum Eye in the jar to score a promo code.

The Promo code is good to use in-store at Clarins counters to claim a 3-Day Clarins Double Serum Eyes sample. You can also use it online but with purchase.

Valid from 26th August – 30th September or whilst stock last.

Click here to play the game. Or you can just use my screenshot below since it’s not a unique code.

The code can be redeemed in-store by showing your results page to a Clarins Beauty Advisor.

One promotional code per customer and not combinable with any other Double Serum Eye sampling offer or promotion.

Thru Facebook / Instagram posts

UPDATE: It looks like the John Lewis & Partners page on Facebook is also offering free samples of Clarins Double Serum eye. Keep an eye out for this ad shown below. To increase your odds of getting it to show up in your feed. I suggest you like the John Lewis & Partners page and interact with it by liking posts and stuff like that. Good luck.

First of all, the brand made the announcement through a sponsored post on Facebook. They are also giving away the samples following the same method. This means I do not currently have a direct link. However, what you can do, is complete these actions to increase your odds of getting this post to pop up in your social feed.

  • Like and Follow Clarins page on Facebook and optionally Instagram as well.
  • Like a couple recent posts or watch a recent video shared on their page

Once through with the steps below, simply keep your eyes peeled while scrolling your social feed. Watch out for the popup as pictured below:

Clarins Double Serum Eyes sample Facebook ad

When you spot it, hit ‘SING UP’ to see a SoPost form appear. You will know what to do from there.

Since this is a SoPost freebie, make sure you keep an eye out on this article for updates, and a possible direct link to form.

clarins double serum eyes

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