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Join the Adidas product testing program. This way, you will score free shoes and apparel to review as an Adidas Tester.

Interested in becoming a tester for the three-stripes brand? Keep on reading this article. It has an answer to all your questions related to this program.

How does the Adidas product testing program work?

It’s quite simple really. Interested testers must apply to enroll in the program. The folks at Adidas select users based on their needs. After the selection phase, the brand will contact the testers via email. You know, to set some rules and expectations. Once this phase is thru, the testing program begins.

To sum it up, it goes like this :

  • Testers receive Adidas products in the mail for free. Including shoes, apparel, accessories, gear…
  • Adidas gives the testers a certain amount of time to test the items, depending on the product. It’s usually a couple of months.
  • Once the timer is set, the testers must then mail back the items to Adidas.
  • Upon reception of the goodies, Adidas will send the testers an online survey, so they can provide a thorough review of the merchandise they tried.

What are the requirements to become an Adidas Tester?

Adidas has some pre-set requirements for users hoping to enroll in their review club. Including:

  • Living in North America, or certain countries of Europe including the UK, Germany but not only. or South America (Argentina, Mexico…)
  • At least 18 years old or above
  • Provide a valid email and shipping address
  • Provide accurate body measurements
  • You can read and write in English or German (if you are from Germany, duh.)
  • Vouch to not be a part, nor join any competitor product testing program.
  • Accept a non-disclosure agreement.

Please note that the non-disclosure agreement is very important. Adidas put this condition in place as a mean to keep the information or pictures related to the products you are testing away from social media, personal messaging, and the Internet as a whole. It’s important because as an Adidas tester, the brand will send you new products that haven’t even hit the shelves.

How to become an Adidas Tester?

If you think you meet the pre-set requirement and would like to become a certified Adidas tester. Simply go to the link at, and apply to join. It’s a very fluid process.

This is one of the most rewarding testing programs in the world. Thus, it’s also one of the hardest to get accepted into. It’s very important to have a minimum of sports activity.

If you get a congratulations as the picture below, you can simply follow their instructions from there.

Become an Adidas tester
adidas product testing - become an adidas tester

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