1001 Carpet Cleaner sample

Last Updated on January 4, 2022

Have you heard of the 1001 Carpet Cleaner? This is your chance to score a free 1001 Carpet Cleaner sample by post to test out gratis.

1001 is a brand specialized in carpet care products, including Carpet Cleaners, Carpet Spot stain removers, Carpet Shampoo, freshner and so on. For a limited time, they launched a new product review panel. Join their panel for your chance to receive some of their Carpet care products to test out for free.

Starting this January 2022 and until August 2022, the 1001 brand is offering 50 Carpet Cleaner sample packs per month. Here is how to sign up for a sample pack and give your carpet a fresh new look and scent.

How to score free 1001 Carpet Cleaner sample packs?

To score a possible free 1001 Carpet Cleaner sample pack, simply follow this link to the sampling offer page. Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and click on the Get my free product now! highlighted link. After that just follow the simple instructions and complete the form.

Every month, 50 subscribers will receive a sample product by post!

This offer is available to residents of the UK only.

Available thru August 31, 2022.

1001 Carpet Cleaner sample

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