Advantages of giving free samples to promote your business

Last Updated on November 7, 2019

Sending free samples has been around for a long time. It is a very old and proven business practice. But unfortunately, this practice is not necessarily exploited by many companies. And yet, it is one of the best-known ways that help brands and companies alike get accurate feedback on their services or products, and as a consequence, to attract new customers and build their loyalty.

Many companies offer free samples to introduce themselves to new customers and increase their sales. This type of offer also allows professionals to consolidate their relationships with old and new customers alike, and introduce them to new products. In short, providing free samples is an effective way to not only promote the brand’s products and services but also build the brand’s image and relationship with customers or prospects.

Consumers, on the other hand, take advantage of the free samples to make some savings. In addition, it is an interesting alternative to test a little quantity of the product without having to pay money for it. While saving money, consumers can discover offers that are potentially adapted to their needs. And if this is not the case, no money will have been disbursed.

Now, thanks to the Internet and the digitalization of the world, it is no longer necessary to go from store to store to get free samples. You can order free samples, and get them delivered to your doorstep or mailbox without leaving the comfort of your own house.

To take advantage of these offers, simply register to the newsletter in regards to your own home country to daily receive offers and deals you could profit from.

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There are a lot of companies, working in various fields that offer free samples: you can get free perfumes and fragrances samples, free beauty products samples, free food samples, free health products samples, free baby products samples, free home samples, etc….

It is understandable that the idea of offering your products for free can be a little bit daunting. After all, someone has to pay – and when it comes to free samples, you have anything to worry about because the advantages that result from offering free samples surely do absorb all the costs. However, don’t be discouraged as easily, as free samples can generate a lot of sales over time. In some cases, free samples can increase sales by more than 3000 percent.

You can use the free samples to:

As we briefly mentioned above, offering your customers and prospects samples for free might have a variety of advantages. Brands and companies can use the sampling method to :

  • Target audiences and new prospects who do not know about your brand or do, but have never tried any of your products.
  • Expand customer knowledge about your products.
  • Consolidate your relationship with your existing customers and strengthen their loyalty to your brand
  • Increase the number of recurring customers and sales of a new product
  • Direct attention to your brand before or during an event
  • Advertise and market new products or ranges

All these outcomes are beneficial for your business (and thus for your profits). However, an initial investment is required on your part; you must absorb the cost of the samples.

Regardless of the sector studied – beauty, hygiene, maintenance and food, the sample connects the individual with a product or brand. Thus, 90% of customers say they have discovered a product they would not have thought to buy after receiving and trying a sample of the said product for free.

The sampling technique can also be a very good transparency factor. People who receive free samples believe that this shows that brands have confidence in their products.

After testing a sample, the customer inquires about the product or brand and asks for more information in-store or on the Internet. Sampling usually leads to purchase. The majority of customers buy after the test. Finally, receiving a sample would be a source of virality. The testers talk about the samples received to their friends and family and recommend the brand or product. In a way, offering free samples could help you reach more future prospects and widen your customer spectrum.

Before you rush to distribute your products for free, you should first understand why the samples appeal to customers. Most importantly, you need to know the best practices to follow to successfully generate increased sales with the samples offered.

Here are 8 reasons why you can benefit from sending free samples to your customers.

1- Discover or better know your products

Consumers do not necessarily know your brand. A sample would allow them to experience your products and brand. Then they will have a better idea of your product, its quality, and your company.

2- Create a link with the customer

Many people feel a stronger connection to a company whose products they are already tested and liked. Especially if the said test was for free. If they don’t use your product, they will give it to someone else, who will appreciate the gift because everyone likes freebies.

3- Consumer reviews and opinions

Samples also help to improve the product you market. Plan this by setting up a dedicated section on your site to receive people’s testimonials, be transparent and thank consumers for their opinions, whether positive or negative. Remember that your goal is to improve the quality of your product, be close and to listen to your customers.

4- Samples to say thank you

Add a sample in a sales order as a surprise and explain how feedback or comment, posted on the site or sales platform, can be very useful to you. Offering a free sample for free tends to leave people with a great impression of your business.

5- For your Public Relations

The media play an important role in building brand awareness. Remember to send samples to publishers, bloggers, installers, etc…. This is a way to promote your product with fewer fees. The same goes for exhibitions or shows that often look for samples to add to official bags.

6- Improve your presence on social networks

Encourage testers to share their opinions on social networks, to like your products, your page, your activities… They will do it more willingly after receiving a small gift. In addition, it allows you to have more visibility on social networks and increase the number of your fans and followers.

7- Increase your chances of selling your products

Unexpected generosity, the pleasure of discovering and the law of reciprocity increase the chances of selling. When a customer receives a gift, especially if it is a product he likes, the chances of transforming this action into a sale increase considerably.

8- Establish a relationship of trust with your customers

If the consumer does not know you, sending a sample allows him/her to know you and to develop a certain confidence in you and your products.

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