Hellmann’s Garlic Aioli Mayo sample

Last Updated on November 23, 2023

Be quick to score a free Hellmann’s Mayo sample and try their iconic mayonnaise along with all its variations in Canada.

I can’t think of a single mayonnaise, whether homemade or store-bought, that is as versatile, tasty, and perfect for sandwiches and everything else as Hellmann’s. The good news is, now we can try it with an additional garlic kick.

But that’s not all… For a limited time, Unilever offers free samples of the new Hellmann’s Garlic Aioli Mayonnaise with a simple request.

You can sign up for this offer and receive yours in the mail at no cost to you.

Read on to find out all the details, including how to claim this freebie.

How to get a free sample of Hellmann’s Garlic Aioli Mayonnaise in Canada?

To sign up for this freebie, all you need to do is follow the steps below:

  • Click on the button below to go to the offer page on the Unilever Promotions website.
  • Scroll down to the form
  • Fill it out with the required details to get your sample pack

Each sample package includes a 14ml sample, and a coupon to use to get 3$ off when you purchase Hellmann’s Mayo and Cavendish fries.

Hellmann's Garlic Aioli Mayonnaise sample

Go to Offer

This offer is available for a limited time only or while supplies last.

Open to all residents of Canada, all provinces included.

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Hellmann's Garlic Aioli Mayo sample

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