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Last Updated on April 5, 2021

HOT freebie! Grab a free SPOTMYUV sample while the supplies last.

Spot My UV is giving away free samples of SPOTMYUV to residents of Canada, on a simple request. You can get a 2-Dot Trial Pack 100% gratis shipped to you in the mail, within Canada.

If you have never heard about this product, let me introduce it quickly. It’s a simple sticker that you should stick in your shoulder or arm when spending time in the outside sun (It could be the beach, or picnic, or just strolling outside in the sun.) Each time you cover your SPOTMYUV® sticker with sunscreen, your SPOT will turn clear, showing you that you’re protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays. When your sunscreen wears off, SPOTMYUV® turns purple again to remind you to reapply your sunscreen. Each SPOT lasts one day, 12 hours in the outdoor sun.

The product is dermatologist & pediatrician tested. It’s hypoallergenic adhesive and latex-free. So it’s safe for even the most sensitive skins.

It’s water-resistant so it stays on in place while swimming or doing some other activity that involves water. And it works with all kinds of sunscreen.

How to get a free sample of SPOTMYUV in the mail?

To get your free sample of SPOTMYUV and get the best of your day outside in the sun, I invite you to go over to their website by following this link. You’ll go on the sampling page, but you will also get a pop-up offering you a sample. When you hit it, you should stay on the same page.

Anyway, add the product to the cart and proceed with checkout as usual. No credit card info required and shipping is free within Canada. If you see a fee for shipping then something is wrong. It should be 100% free. See the picture below.

free SPOTMYUV Sample

That’s about it. Let me know in the comments below if you managed to snag this freebie. If you have any trouble getting it, hit me up and I’ll gladly help you.

The sample is for residents of Canada only.

Available for a limited time only or while the supplies last.

Have a good day everyone.

free SPOTMYUV Sample

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