FREE Lierac Paris ROSILOGIE Sample Pack by mail

Last Updated on September 9, 2020

Do you suffer from redness? This new skincare freebie is for you. Lierac Paris is currently offering a FREE ROSILOGIE Sample Pack to receive by mail.

The sample pack includes 2 products, including :

  • A FREE Sample of ROSILOGIE Redness Correction Neutralizing Cream
  • A FREE Sample of Persisent Redness Neutralizing Double Concentrate.

This Lierac Paris ROSILOGIE Sample Pack is being offered through a sponsored Facebook/Instagram ad. This means, it only shows to select people who have shown interest in the brand and its products.

How to get a FREE Lierac Paris ROSILOGIE Sample Pack by mail?

As I mentioned above, this freebie is currently being offered through a sponsored ad, so in order to make the ad show in your Facebook or Instagram feed and apply for it, we invite you to complete the following actions :

  • Go to the official page on Facebook or “Lierac Paris”, and like it if you haven’t already. You can do the same with their Instagram handle or any other social media
  • Go to their website by clicking here, and look for the product being sampled through this campaign.
  • Make a quick Google search about the brand new Lierac Paris ROSILOGIE collection.

The ad should show on your feed shortly after, keep an eye for it. This is how it looks (see picture below)

FREE Lierac Paris ROSILOGIE Sample Pack through a sponsored Facebook ad

The idea here is to make Facebook algorithms understand that you are interested in the brand and its products and that you could be a potential client.

This freebie is available for all Canadians residents, all provinces and territories included.

We hope you succeed in getting it. Don’t hesitate to let us know!

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