Free Black-eyed Susan Seeds

Last Updated on April 6, 2023

It’s National Wildlife Week! The Canadian Wildlife Federation is giving away free Black-eyed Susan Seeds packet samples to anyone who asks for one. If you are into gardening and planting flowers, you can ask for a seed packet today and get it by mail. It’s 100% free.

These flowers are so beautiful. I personally can’t wait to get them in the mail and have a blast planting and growing them. That’s a nice way to pass the time and spend some time connecting with nature.

How to get a free sample packet of Black-eyed Susan Seeds with the Canadian Wildlife Federation?

To receive the Black-eyed Susan Seeds packet in the mail, I suggest you click on the link here to go to the Canadian Wildlife Federation website. Scroll down the page and once you are at the bottom, you will find the freebie form. Fill it out with your shipping and personal info. Send it away to get your Black-eyed Susan Seeds gratis by post, within Canada.

IMPORTANT: Make sure to tick the box that says: Yes, Iā€™d like to receive my Black-eyed Susan seed packet and my coupon to HelloFresh.

It looks like this year they are also giving away a free HelloFresh Coupon. I’m not sure what it’s value but we’re going to find out soon enough.

This freebie is available for residents of Canada only.

Valid for a short period of time or while the supplies last.

Limit 1 Free Black-eyed Susan Seeds Packet per user.

Free Black-eyed Susan Seeds

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