FREE Bees Matter Seed Kit (5 flower species)

Be as quick as a flash to order a FREE Bees Matter Seed Kit. To plant some flowers and do your part in saving the bees! At the same time, you could embellish your house, yard, or garden with new flowers.

Each FREE Bees Matter Seed Kit has an assortment of 5 different flower species, specially selected to attract & nourish honey bees, including:

  • Lance-leaved Coreopsis,
  • New England Aster,
  • Dense Blazing Star,
  • Golden Tickseed,
  • Sneezeweed.

How to receive your FREE Bees Matter Seed Kit by mail?

If you want (and you should) to order and receive your FREE Bees Matter Seed Kit by mail within Canada, then simply follow this simple step-by-step guide we have made for you.

To get started, we suggest you click on the “Get this free sample” icon at the bottom of this page to be taken to this freebie website.

Click on the “Get your free seed kit” button in the top right corner of the page. You will then see an online request form. Complete it with your valid coordinates and shipping address.

Limit of one seed packet per household, while supplies last.

This freebie is open to all legal residents of Canada.

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