FREE $25 Gift Card to spend at your favorite Local Canadian Restaurant or Bar from Molson

Good news are getting fewer lately. Most Canadians are currently on lockdown and our favourite restaurants and local bars are closing their doors amid the COVID-19 outbreak. Luckily, Molson Canadian is here to help however they can.

You can come at once to seize this great value opportunity they have announced on their website. In fact, Molson Canadian has launched the Virtual Happy Hour. Thanks to this initiative, Molson is engaged to help local restaurants from going off business while bringing Canadians together… I mean, virtually together.

Invite your friends for a virtual hangout, raise one for your local favourite restaurant or bar and get a FREE $25 Gift Card to spend at your favourite Local Canadian Restaurant or Bar. How does that sound? Too good to be true? It’s too good, yes, but it’s 100% true.

How to get a $25 Gift Card to spend at your favorite Local Canadian Restaurant or Bar from Molson?

To seize this great and valuable freebie, and get yourself a $25 Gift Card to spend at your favorite Local Canadian Restaurant or Bar from Molson, we invite you to follow this very simple step-by-step guide we have made for you.

First of all, this freebie requires you and your friend to come together.

The idea is to get your friends together over a Virtual Happy Hour and raise a beer to your favorite local restaurant or bar, or coffee shop. The beauty of this offer is that it could be any beer, not necessarily a Molson Canadian one.

During that time, take a screenshot or video of you and your friends while raising your beer. Share it on your social media (Instagram or Twitter) using the hashtag #VirtualHappyHour and tag your favorite local restaurant or bar, as well as Molson Canadian on your Instagram page, or @Molson_Canadian on Twitter.

Molson Canadian will reach out to you on to offer you a FREE $25 Gift Card for use at the local restaurant or bar you tagged, so you can support that business when the quarantine is over, or instantly if they offer drive-thru or food delivery during the Coronavirus confinement.

To learn more about this great freebie and how to benefit from it, you can click on the “Get this free sample” button below to be automatically taken to the official website of this deal by Molson Canadian.

Consider sharing this valuable freebie with your friends, community and family members so they can also seize it and help one of their local businesses from going bankrupt during this pandemic. You can do so in one click through the social sharing buttons present all over our website.

Who can benefit from this deal and get a $25 Gift Card for FREE?

This offer is open to residents of Canada ONLY, all provinces included.

Please note that this valuable freebie is valid while the supplies last. So hurry up to inform your friends and schedule a call to raise one for your local restaurant to get a FREE $25 Gift Card to spend at their store.

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Stay safe and happy freebies hunting.

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