Cheez-It Crackers Coupons – 20,000 Free Product Coupons +1$ off

Last Updated on April 30, 2021

Looking for Cheez-It Crackers Coupons for Canada to get discounts or free products even? Find them all below with fine prints of each.

This will be updated regularly to include all Cheez-It Coupons & Deals for Canada. Keep an eye out on updates.

Available Cheez-It Coupons for Canada

Free Cheez-It Crackers Box with coupon + $1.00 off

Get the new Cheez-It Crackers Coupon for a free box of Cheez-It Crackers to pick-up in-store. Kelloggs has a new promotion and they are offering :

  • 20,000 Cheez-It FPC (Free Product Coupon) to get a box of Cheez-It Crackers for free (191 g to 200 g). on your next grocery shopping trip. (This one is for the first 20,000 Users to participate)
  • 60,000 Additional Cheez-It Coupons are available. Each allows you to save $1.00 on any one (1) Cheez-It Crackers Box (191 g to 200 g). from any store in Canada.

Limit 3 Coupons claims per user, per 14-days period. This just kicked off so do it three times to get 3 Free Product Coupons. and then after two weeks come back for 3 more $1.00 off Coupons.

Offer runs from 29th April to 31th December, 2021 or while supplies last. But I doubt this is going to last for long because we all love Cheez-It Crackers… and free stuff.

To get yours, follow this link and generate a meme with the Cheez-It Cheeme Generator. Share it on social media to get a coupon. Go!

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