Bed Bath & Beyond Baby Registry

Last Updated on August 31, 2021

Bed Bath and Beyond Canada has a great offer for parents and soon to be parents. Sign up for Bed Bath & Beyond Baby Registry online today to claim a free Goody Bag full of baby samples. Plus Buybuy BABY coupons.

It’s pretty simple. You can join right now online at Bed Bath & Beyond Canada website. Then head over to a Buy Buy BABY store near you to claim your free Goody Bag. Sounds like a great deal for parents with babies.

There are other services you can benefit from by signing up to the Baby Registry program, including:

  • Expert shopping assistants recommendation and tips.
  • Great discounts and rebates on your purchases and rewards
  • Registry checklists
  • And many more benefits

How to sign up for the Bed Bath & Beyond Baby Registry?

To sign up for the Bed Bath and Beyond Baby Registry, simply go to the page located here. Click ‘CREATE BABY REGISTRY’ to get started. Fill out the form and check your emails.

Now simply head over to the nearest Buy Buy Canada store to claim your samples and coupons goodie bag.

TIP: Get the Mobile App to get the best out of this program.

This is available for limited time only for residents of Canada.

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Bed Bath & Beyond Baby Registry

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