Sampler Free samples

free sampler samples

Don’t miss out on any free Sampler samples and freebies. Whether you live in Canada, the US, or the UK, you can find below the latest free stuff from Sampler.

Every month, the Toronto based sampling platform offers to thousands of people a large range of product samples to receive by mail… for FREE.

Register with them to discover new products every month. Whenever new samples on Samper are available for you to try are available, you will get an update by email.

Every month there is a Sampler Party with tons of freebies to get matched with.

You can receive different kinds of samples through It goes from makeup samples to baby free stuff, food and drinks freebies, skincare, and health product samples, and so on…

Free Sampler samples are not available to claim by anyone. You will be asked questions throughout your journey with them. The samples you get matched with are based on those answers you give. So, answer their questions as honestly as possible to get perfect sample matches. I like to joke about it and say that it’s basically Tinder but for samples.

Happy freebies hunting.