2 FREE Samples of Sasmar Personal Lubes

There are three types of lube available in pharmacies and supermarkets: water-based lubes, silicone-based lubes and oil-based lubes. They sound all similar but to each its own set of advantages, disadvantages, and ideal use cases.

Knowing the difference could be a little bit complicated. And what better way to find out the best one for you, and your needs than to give a bunch of them a try?

Yes, of course, you are not going to buy all of them just for the sake of trying them. That is why today we are sharing with you an amazing sampling opportunity. Thanks to this free sampling opportunity, you could give 2 Sasmar Personal Lubricant products a try for FREE, courtesy of Sasmar.

What will you receive by requesting this FREE Samples of Sasmar Personal Lubes?

FREE Samples of Sasmar Personal Lubes

Sasmar has a wide variety of lubes in its arsenal. Through this free sampling campaign they are holding, you could try two different kinds of Sasmar personal lube.

So, by seizing this free sampling opportunity offered to you by Sasmar, you will receive in your mailbox 2 FREE Samples of Samsar Lube, each in a 2,5ml sachet. The free samples to be sent are :

A FREE Sample of Sasmar Original Silicone Lube

FREE Sample of Sasmar Original Silicone Lube

Sasmar Original Silicone personal lube has 5 times more lubricating power than the water-based lube. It doesn’t dissolve as easily in water and is therefore recommended to use during a bath or a shower.

It doesn’t stick and is slightly more complicated to wash. To wash it, you need to do it with warm water and gentle soap or shower gel.

However, you should always keep in mind that Silicone-based lubes, in general, should never be used with silicone sex toys.

A FREE Sample of Sasmar Classic Water-based Lube

FREE Sample of Sasmar Classic Water-based Lube

Sasmar Classic Water-based Lube is neither too fluid nor too viscous. In fact, it is very easy to use and spread in all situations. It is most well known and loved because it does not stain or stick. Like all water-based lubes, it is also very easy to clean with water.

The only disadvantage when it comes to water-based lubes is that they cannot be used in the shower or bath because they dissolve in water very quickly.

How to get FREE Samples of Sasmar Personal Lubes?

Without further ado, to get your hands on these FREE Samples of Sasmar Personal Lubricants, all you need to do is follow this step-by-step guide I have prepared for you :

  • Click on the “Get this free Sample” button located down below this offer. It’s the one in Fushia 😉
  • Once you click on that button, you will be automatically redirected to the official sampling page on the Sasmar website.
  • Scroll down until you find the online request form
  • Complete the said online request form by providing your valid personal details and shipping address
  • Submit the online request form
  • Check your email address for a confirmation email from Sasmar

Please note that there is a limit of one free sampling request per household. So, no need to apply for this freebie several times or if you are several persons living in the same address.

Who can get FREE Samples of Sasmar Personal Lubes?

Sasmar has been very generous this time. In fact, this sampling opportunity is open to several countries. So, you are eligible for this free samples if :

  • You are 18 years old, or above
  • You live in the United States, in Australia or in a European country such as Ireland, Scotland, Spain, Italy, Portugal, France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Ukraine, Sweden, Norway, Turkey, Austria, Monaco, etc…
  • You should hurry up to request these free lube samples.

The free samples are only available while the supplies last.

Don’t forget to share this free lube samples with your friends to help us spread the word.

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Happy freebies hunting 🙂

2 FREE Samples of Sasmar Personal Lubes

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